November Membership Meeting

Featured Video:

The Caboose

This video documents the 150-year history of how the caboose helped the railroads become a successful industry and in the process became an American icon. You will get to see how the "Money Wagon", "Brain Box", and "Crummy" terms evolved from a small wooden box to an office-warehouse-home for conductors and brakeman. This program depicts the occupational hazards crews faced every day and shows how technology ended a wonderful era.

Date:  October 19th

Time:  7:30pm


      St. Mark's Lutheran Church
      5415 SE Powell Blvd.
      Portland, OR

Meetings of the membership are held every month, usually on the third Friday. Visitors are warmly welcomed! Typically, we first address the general business of the Chapter. This can be a great time to learn about not only what the PNWC is doing, but also what other rail-related groups are doing in the region and around the world. We then break for refreshments, and after the break we have the program. Monthly programs are always interesting and often feature guest speakers, multimedia presentations or videos selected from our extensive library.