The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society

Upcoming Membership Meetings!

August 17th Membership Meeting

Featured Video: Amazing Alcos
This video documents the story of these hard-working locomotives manufactured by the American Locomotive Company. You’ll see switchers, road switchers, cab units, and road freight locomotives rolling down the rails. It is complete with historic photos, vintage footage, and commentary from knowledgeable experts. (Re-scheduled from July due to technical difficulties.)

September 21st Membership Meeting

Featured Video: Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad
This video takes you through the railroad’s heritage and conjures up the imagery of its founder Cyrus K. Holiday, the means and service of Fred Harvey establishments, and the art and culture of the Southwest. Early passenger and freight service are covered and a look at Santa Fe’s locomotives.

October 19th Membership Meeting

Featured Video: The Caboose
This video documents the 150-year history of how the caboose helped the railroads become a successful industry and in the process became an American icon. You will get to see how the "Money Wagon", "Brain Box", and "Crummy" terms evolved from a small wooden box to an office-warehouse-home for conductors and brakeman. This program depicts the occupational hazards crews faced every day and shows how technology ended a wonderful era.

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